© Larry Kuhn 2011

© Larry Kuhn 2011

A Look Inside A Man of Many Works…

What makes a person interesting? What makes someone unique?

Sometimes a person can have one real passion they dedicate themselves to for a lifetime. They may live a small and simple life, or perhaps wealth and popularity has expanded beyond their wildest dreams……and sometimes you may just find a simple person with many great things they are passionate about, lost in the middle.


Owner, SAS Photographic

Owner/Artist, MaineSeaLion Studio

Vice President, Brooks Historical Society

Board Member/Actor, Belfast Maskers

Communications Director/Actor, Everyman Repertory Theatre

Co-Founder, Ordinary Rabbits (Musical Theatre for Youth)

Past Actor/Model/Composer, Maine Media Workshops + College

Former Sports Anchor/Associate Producer, VStv

Past President/Actor, Camden Civic Theatre

Former Drama Facilitator/Co-Musical Theatre Director, Riley School

Alumni, Mount View Chamber Singers

Team Leader for ‘Team Bugg,’ Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walkathon (17 yrs.)

FindAGrave.com Volunteer Transcriptionist and Photographer



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