Scott Anthony Smith, Gita Pullapilly, Aron Gaudet, Peter Paton (BENEATH THE HARVEST SKY)

Scott Anthony Smith, Gita Pullapilly, Aron Gaudet, Peter Paton (BENEATH THE HARVEST SKY)




~Nightwatch: The Botanist (Kyle Edgerly/Dustin Plessner/Rachel Edgerly/Reel Havoc)

Behind the Scenes:


~Insurance Commercial: Young Peter (MMW)


~Not As Beautiful As You: Father (Peter Dimako/MMW)

Highlights –

~Tomorrow, ScottScott (Claire Halloran/MMW)

~Sticks (Trailer): Killer (Mark J. Parker/Greg Clements/Independent)

~The Drug: Professor Joseph Barkley (Peter Dimako/MMW)

~The Fisherman: Tom (Amir Mahdavy/MMW)

~Campus Love Story: Kelly (Amir Mahdavy/MMW)


~The Congressman: Protester (Robert Mzarek/Jared Martin/Independent Feature)

~Mr. Henry: Young Henry (Kayla Cesari/David Rice/MMW)

~Undone: Man (Ross Prybl/MMW)

~’Til Death: Jim (Connor Buckley/MMW)

~True Romance: Man (Alex Vega/MMW)

~Riley School Student Film: Himself (Independent Student/Morgan Kirkham)


Film: (starting at 1:16:53)

~Winsmor Garage Door Co., Inc.  Commercial: Customer (Reel Havoc)


~Beneath the Harvest Sky: Caleb (Aron Gaudet/Gita Pullapilly/Sunny Side Up Films)


Film: (starting at 46:30)

~Playback: Adam (Benjamin Gauthier/Maxwell Bradshaw/MMW)

~The Editor: Hustler (MMW)

~L’ Anello di Fidanzamento: Himself (Eleonora Marino/David Wowchuk/MMW)

~Southbound Northerners: Blue Eyes (Meghan Surges/MMW)

~Digital Cinematography Montage: Himself (MMW/Bill Holshevnikoff)

~Dare to Dream: Ryan Roseworth (MMW/Joshua Ajamu)

~One Love: Owen (MMW/Emma Korein)

~Rocky Port: Jeff (MMW/Ryan Symancek)

~Powder Coat: Chews (MMW/Avi Farber)

~Eyes Well Seeing: Lance (MMW/Mark Charest)

~A Romantic Knight: Cam (MMW/Louis Hang Yin)

~Passion for Work: Himself (MMW/Joshua Ajamu)

~Riley School the Movie: Himself (Independent Student/Morgan Kirkham)


((Bonus Maine Media Workshops Video


~Anatomy of the Tide: Bar Patron (Two Tides Entertainment)

~Capt. Lindsey House Inn: Winter Couple (Digital Salad UK)

~Like the Water: Ceremony/House Guest (Indie/Tribe LLC)


~UniFlame Grill Master: Son (MMW/Doug Jensen)

~Margot: Joseph (MMW/Kevin Carragher/Lilly Infinito)

~Scene from ‘Raising Arizona’: H.I. McDunnough (MMW/Sally Levi)

~How to Eat Lobster the Maine Way: Local (MMW/Various)

~System Failure: Andrew Mitchell (MMC/Helena Cerovic)

~27 Down: Sebastian Carter (MMC/Sabrina Garnett)

~Bring Her In: Orderly (MMC/Tejasvi Bhalla)

~Antoine: Gallery Patron (MMC/Cole Christine)

~The Hamilton: Mr. Smith (MMC/Helena Cerovic)


~Lazarus and Dives: Boss (H. J. Alexander Productions) *

~Scene from ‘The Bourne Identity’: Jason Bourne (MMW/Sally Levi)

~One Day at a Time: Bar Patron (MMW/David Pierce)

~My Mazda, My Way Commercial: Scott (MMW/CharlieMac Productions/Tara MacDonald)

His –

Hers –

~Chapter One: Music Video: Himself (MMW/Theo Thompson)

~Spare Some Change: Matt Anderson (MMW/Stephen Scott)

~The Roaring Twenties: Himself (Farnsworth Museum/Julia’s Gallery/Strand Theater/Nicole Marie Fuller)



~Rapture: Chris (Independent/Jason Dean)

~Walk of Shame: Mike (MMC/Helena Cerovic)


~King Lear TV/Cable Promotional: Edgar (Camden Civic Theatre)

~Hitchhikers: John (MMC/Kevin Carragher)

~I Am: Tyler (MMC/Ashish Dawar)

After Effects Reel:

~The Delaney Project: Delaney (MMW)

~2009 Maine Tourism Commercial(AirStream Pictures)

~10 Signs Your Roommate is a Serial Killer: Stan (MMW/Alahjah Green)

Preview Reel:

~Threads: Brandon (MMW/Shay Greenfield)


~Maine Freedom of Information Coalition Film: Bob/College Intern (MFIC)

~Carousel TV/Cable Promotional: Enoch Snow (BCTV)


~The Cheatin’ Cap: Cheatin’ Charlie (Mt. View High School)


* Awarded Senior Runner-Up Honors, Maine Student Film and Video Festival during its premiere at the Maine International Film Festival, Waterville Opera House July 17th.

(MMW/MMC stand for Maine Media Workshops + College)


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